Local Garage Specialists have 3 workshops where we carry out our servicing and repairs

Our workshops come packed to the brim with the latest equipment inclduing

  • A diagnostics computer capable of reading engine ECUs and resetting warning and service lights

  • An MOT bay along with inspection pit

  • 3 separate service bays

Mechanical repairs including: 

• Engine Rebuilds   • Tank Drains    • Body Repairs   • Tyres   • Exhausts   • Welding   • Servicing

Engine Light Resets


P1 Mini


Oil / Oil filter change* (Recommended every 12 months)

Up to 1.6L


Over 1.6L


*£25.00 charge for synthetic oil

P2 Interim


35 point check-up, oil, oil filter replaced, engine service light resets

Up to 1.6L


Over 1.6L


P3 Full


50 point check-up, oil, oil filter replaced. engine service light resets, air filter replaced

Up to 1.6L


Over 1.6L


*pollen filter requires an additional charge, ask for details